Bridge as stepping stone

Everglades Nat’l Park depends on water from the north,

Delivery of which is segmented in the three reaches shown below.

Increasing water into Northeast
Shark River Slough
is a major
goal of Everglades Restoration

The purpose of the new one-mile bridge is to boost up the red line.

In the short run, the vision of unimpeded flow will have to wait.  Bridge bound water is constricted at a water supply choke point called the S-333.

But the long term goal is to build more bridges …

And bypass the S-333 choke point by re-configuring upstream levees, too.

Panoramic view of the S-333
looking down the canal towards the new bridge

Maybe that’s thinking too far ahead just yet:

The new bridge opens to traffic in about a few weeks and to water later this year.

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