“Brother can you spare a gallon?”

My water bill (plus sewer) costs me around $900 per year.

That’s for an average household usage
of 5,000 gallons per month.

While it may seem
sort of expensive at first:

It is quite a bit of water.

Per month we go through 120 water barrels (42.5 gallons each) and per year we use 5 swimming pool equivalents …

That’s going by the lap pool in my back yard. Measuring in at 15’ wide x 30’ long x 3.5’ deep, it holds around 12,000 gallons.)

Now imagine I had to order all that water to my house
by truck delivery (at the going rate of $9 per 5 gallon jug) instead …

That adds up to $108,000 per year.

Talk about a a big “jump” in prices!

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