Building a tornado proof home?

As we’ve all heard in the news:

The unpredictable fury of tornado season has begun.

Tornadoes and hurricanes both
show seasonal and geographic trends

As shown on the animated map above, the early season twisters tend form in the south and then, as spring advances, migrate into the midwest and eventually the northern plains until by summer their frequency and ferocity slows down.

Compare that to hurricane season that doesn’t get fully heated up until fall.

Hurricane forecasting has become an exact science to the point that we usually have enough time to get out of their way. But tornadoes strike with such unfathomable ferocity and on such short notice that even if you do take shelter there seems to be no full proof guarantee that you will survive.

Who would have thought hurricane country could feel so safe?

Tornado season peaks in late spring
and hurricane season in fall

Of course hurricane’s can spawn tornadoes, too.

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