Can a deluge extend the drought?

The trail on those animal tracks went cold …

Or rather I mean got “soaking wet” and washed away instead.

Low spots fill up quickly …

as shown on the Turner River looking downstream.

The nearby Ochopee weather station recorded 4 inches of rain on Sunday. That filled all the local low spots back up with water quickly – literally over night. But Ochopee is just a small part of the swamp’s vast domain. Until we get a big regional-wide rainmaker, it’s going to take a series of afternoon storms to refill the swamp.

That could stretch later into the summer, if we get there at all.

Especially after a deluge of 4 inches in one day.

But first thing first:

That four inch rain unwittingly started at least four new wildfires farther north. We’ll need more rain, and quick, to put them out.

Still lots of filling up to do

As shown on the Turner River looking upstream

The rain won’t wash away the drought as easily as it did the animal tracks.

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