Can hydrographs stretch the truth?

Do hydrographs lie?

According to historic statistics ( as calculated from 1993-present in the hydrograph below), current water stage in Lake Okeechobee is right around average for the start of January.

The above hydrograph shows water stage in Lake Okeechobee.  The blue line shows current conditions.  The dotted white line shows the 25 year median.  The background colors indicate various ecohydrological thresholds for the lake and the change in shading (i.e. ligher to darker) indicate historical percentiles of occurrence.  All indications is that current stage (blue line) is trending along the long-term median (dotted white line), but that median line was lifted by a wetter period from 1993 through the mid 2000s.

Now consider the Lake is at its highest January level in seven years, going all the way back to the months following Hurricane Wilma.

Who would have guessed then that the old average is now the new high?

Anyone claiming yes is the one telling the lie!

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