Long walk off short pier
It wasn't always a dead end

It’s a short walk on Naples Pier before you have to turn around.

But did you know it used to be the only road out of town?

Brief history of Naples Pier

That was before south Florida had roads.

Residents, tourists and supplies all traveled to Naples by boat.

What we know today as Old Naples was the entire town.

All the rest of modern-day Naples was swamp.

Most recent closure

Today the closest remnant of the swamp is twenty miles away.

Now that is a long walk!

End of the road?
Long walk off a short pier

Naples pier seems like a short enough walk:

Just a thousand feet more and it comes to an end.

Naples Pier is a historical landmark

But, in the time before roads, that’s where the journey just began.

The only way in and out of Naples was by boat.

That made Naples Pier more a beginning than an end.

tidal waters

Line in sand

When do the gulf waters end and the Florida landmass begin?

According to this arrangement of seashells, the answer seems to lie somewhere between low and high tide.

Florida stakes its claim midway up the beach face

Or for better precision …

We may need a licensed surveyor.

Beach full of dollars
And worth every penny

Florida is famous for its beaches …

And the economic bounty of dollars they bring.

Sand dollars as seen at Naples Beach

But the tourists come and go.

It’s the marine life in the coastal shallows that know it as home.

Here’s to hoping algal blooms and red tide stay away.

tidal waters

Four gulls at beach
And one big cloud

There was something about those four gulls in the distance, flapping their wings, flying overhead (and then like that they were gone,) that compelled me to take this photo before they were completely vanished out of view.

And, oh yeah …

Can you see the four gulls in the distance?

The cloud was pretty impressive, too!

Balance or bias
More of the same for the Lake's main spillway

LORS is dead (i.e. the old regulation schedule),

Or about to die.

Green is good (i.e. the desired range)

In its place will step LOSOM

AKA Lake Okeechobee System Operation Manual.

In a nutshell: It will send more water down the Lake’s main release valve.

Or will it be too much of a good thing? Note: Can you see the major change that occurred with the implementation of LORS in 2008? Water is constantly flowing down the channel all months of the year. Presumably that (and more) will continue under LOSOM when it takes effect.

People on the west coast of south Florida often complain …

of an East Coast Bias when it comes to managing the Everglades water.

Or is this more a case of balancing competing needs?

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Sky and gulf

The gulf stays calm as a lake …

As the summer sky comes to life up above.

Looking West

Making it even calmer still is all the tourists have left.

That makes for an empty beach.

Plus the fact the rain cleared them out.