“Chilled” but not cold

If Florida is warm, and Naples lies the warmer half of the state (the south), Key West takes the “cake” – or rather “pie” (as in Key Lime) – for being the warmest spot on the pensinsula –

Even if by definition it’s an island.

That, and its position so far south, impart Key West with a uniquely warm maritime climate, even by Florida standards.

The waters that surround it blunt it from diurnal heating and cooling of the peninsula and shield it from the continental creep of cold air from the north.

The result is as “evenly a warm climate” you’ll find in the Lower 48.

Naples, in comparison, is famously mild, but it does have a few cold days each year, as shown by the “cold” and “frigid” coding on the animated graph.

Key West escapes the brunt of those arctic blasts.

About as chilly as it gets in Key West is “cool,”

Which isn’t even as cold as its famous pie served up “chilled.”

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