City snake goes country

This rattlesnake behind this sign wasn’t bothering anybody …

But people were starting to bother it, so it needed to be moved.

This isn’t the safest home for a rattlesnake
for all parties involved

That’s when we called in a highly qualified wildlife biologist to do the job.

On the opposite side of the rock that it was curled up under is a metal placard that indicates where it is: H.P. Williams Wayside Park to which several hundreds of passing visitors stop every day.  Usually the attraction is alligators in the nearby canal, but with waters so high in November, most of them were out of sight in the swamp.  And thus this rattlesnake was attracting quite a crowd.

Is that one or two anhingas?

Three months later waters have dropped.

That means gators are back in the canal and visitors are back on the boardwalk with binoculars and cameras taking in the view.

Four miles up the road are some pinelands.

That’s where the rattlesnake is now.

More room and less people:
What’s a rattlesnake not to love about this pineland?

Who says everyone can’t be happy and safe?

There’s enough room in the swamp for all.

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