Clothes line dry

Florida is famous for evaporation –

After all, it is the sunshine state.

But the one thing you won’t see on the peninsula, at least regularly, are clothes drying on a line.

Why is that?

Neighborhood associations won’t allow you for one, but the bigger law in action, which will stymie you even if you try, under cover of night, to hang damp clothes over a line, is atmospheric humidity.

In Belgium drying clothes on a line is the norm.

It’s just as damp, and colder, you’d think that would make for equally slow drying.

It does, but it’s well worth the wait:

There’s nothing quite like the smell or freshness of an air dried shirt.

A complaint of New Florida is that we never see our neighbors. Maybe if we hung our laundry out to dry on a line we would.

Just check with your neighborhood association first!

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