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Reports that are coffee-table compatible

Many have asked:

You’re reports are so chock full of photos and diagrams, and pepper with prose that is easy to digest – can I print them out and display them on my coffee table?

Go Hydrology is coffee-table worthy


Absolutely! And actually, they were formatted and written with exactly that in mind. Long ago in a land far away, before I even stepped foot in the swamp, I attended a scientific conference on an important topic for the locale I was living at the time (Hint: It rhymes with Cape Cod). While the session went well enough, at its conclusion an epiphany struck:

Why present such an important topic to a group of professionals a half a world away when the local watershed is full of people that would be better served to hear the message. And why wait months (even years) to collate the information in with obtuse terms and hard-to-read jargon when speaking in plain language can reach a larger audience?

Many moons later a hydrologist that I very much respect said, “- Bob, your the people’s hydrologist.” And so be it. I’ll never publish in Hydrgeologica (or whatever the scientific journals are called), but I can get information out in a format that the local folks, both aquatic professionals and lay enthusiasts, can equally enjoy.

In summary: Yes ..

Please print out and put the report on your coffee-table, bookshelf, or wherever works best for you. Oh, and if you see a mistake, let me know. My reports are as much a milestone as a work in progress. My philosophy: Share early and often. We’re in this together and hopefully these reports help support our collective cause of keeping the conversation rolling.

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