Cold air countdown begins

Ever sat through a Power Point where the data is too small to read?

That’s the case on the table below.

This table shows high and low air temperatures for 9 major cities across Florida for (1) the past 19 days, (2) today, and (3)  4 days in the future.  It also shows the departure of each day (both high and low) relative to the long-term normal daily reading.  Warmer than normal days are color coded red and colder than normal days are color coded blue.  Can you see at the top of the tables for each city that cool (i.e. blue) weather is on the way?  BTW: You can click on the table to enlarge the table.

But don’t worry:

In a nutshell it brings good news.

Cold air (finally) is on the way … just in time for Thanksgiving.

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