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Remember the days when Go Hydrology was a simple blog? No longer. With growth comes complexity, and with complexity a need to organize our thoughts. That’s where a TOC comes in handy. It’s like a road-map for helping you navigate what Go Hydrology is all about.

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Table of Contents

product blog
Water blog
Weekly Wave Newsletter
FAQs: 1. What motivated you to write a water blog? | 2. How has the blog evolved over time? | 3. What’s the story with the water drop? | 4. Who is the author?| 5. How do I sign up for the newsletter?

Water Data

FAQs: 1. Why a user manual? | 2. What’s special about your charts? | 3. Where do I buy a swampulator? | 4. Are diagrams really data?

Water Seasons

FAQs: 1. Why cycles (and not seasons)? | 2. What is a hydrologic holiday? | 3. Why wet (and not rainy) season? | 4. Does it rain in the dry season? | 5. Winter in Florida, really? | 6. Isn’t spring drought an oxymoron? | 7. Does Florida’s summer ever end? | 8. When does fall begin?

Water Types

FAQs: 1. Is the water cycle practical? | 2. What’s your favorite watershed? | 3. Is the water table in the kitchen? | 4. Do you prefer eco-hydrology or hydro-ecology? | 5. Who controls the water? | 6. Is climate the new weather? | 7. What is cultural water? | 6. Are tidal waters always salty?

Deeper Dives

FAQs: 1. Why does a “talking guitar” host your podcast? | 2. What is a watersh-editorial? | 3. Have your movies won any Oscars? | 4. Do your photo galleries offer audio tours? | 5. Can I get a certificate for listening to a lecture? | 6. Are your reports “coffee table” compatible? | 7. What other Deeper Dives do you have planned?

After Hours

Crackling Log
Campfire Log
FAQs: 1. Who is Bobby Angel? | 2. Where is Campfire Park? | 3. Who runs Nature Folk HQ? | 4. Who is the Boogie Phone? | 5. Are all books “rereadable?” | 6. Describe the campfire trilogy? | 7. Is Before Phones a geologic epoch? | 8. What is good penmanshape? | 9. When does After Hours begin? | 10. Can a guitar host a podcast?


More Info: 1. About the blog | 2. About the newsletter | 2. About the author | 4. Frequently asked questions (FAQs)