Continental cold front blues

Judging from the histogram below …

Our first cold front should have already come and passed.

This histogram shows the historical frequency distribution of when the first “official” cold front has arrived to Naples Florida.  This year we’ve gone deep into late November and find ourselves still waiting.  Over 90 percent of the historic first arrivals have already occurred by now. 

Instead, we’re in the midst of our longest wait for cold air since 1986.

By cold air I mean our first “official” cold front.  Yes it’s been a little cooler than the oppressive summer 90°/70° F daily norm, but we’ve failed yet to meet the technical criteria required to meet the formal definition of our first cold front.  That won’t happen until a polar-pushed slug of continental air descends deep enough down the peninsula to drop air temperatures in Naples Florida at or below 60° F for two consecutive nights.

No thermometers needed when (… if) it does:

You’ll know it when you feel it as they say.

Is it too much to ask for some frontal rain, too?

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