Conversations with water
Getting to the bottom of things

Me: “Hey water, what’s going on?”

Water: no response

Water’s a hell of a listener

Me: “I know how you feel. Man, it’s been one of those days for me, too. What can you do but shake your head and try to forget about it?”

Water: no response

Me: “Remember that time when it was just me and you out there, under the sun and sky and then the night came and it was the stars instead, everything just quiet and peaceful like we didn’t have a care in the world?”

Water: no response

Just a good conversationalist in general

Me: “Yeah, they were good times, alright. Good times.”

Water: no response

Me: “Lots of good times ahead, too. You’ve got to believe that.  You’ve got to.”

Water: no response

Me: “Thanks for being there … and listening. I definitely feel a lot better.”

Water: No response

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