The summer-battered southern peninsula is abuzz with chatter of a cold mass of air heading our way. The graphs on this post show what’s in the forecast this week for Naples, Tallahassee, and Atlanta.

Everyone up north thinks of Atlanta as a southern town.

But not down here in Naples, Florida.

Atlanta for us is the “far North!”

The forecasters are calling for Naples temperatures to bottom out on Tuesday with a daytime high in the mid 70s and nighttime low in the high 40s. If that happens, it will be our first night since May with temperatures dropping below 60º F!
And if it dips to the forecasted 47 degrees on Tuesday, that would set a new Naples record, out besting 1943’s 51 degree benchmark.

But compare that to “up state” in Tallahassee. The same cold mass is expected to drop mid week nighttime lows into the low 30s. (That’s a rare winter event for Naples!)

And in Atlanta, nighttime lows will also be a notch or two above freezing … with daytime highs only in the 50s.

That’s what we call down here in Naples as “cool Lanta!”

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