Cool shade of fire tree

There’s not really a plant that vividly rings in the end of the wet season.

Cypress needles come close – they are now browning, but that’s a gradual process;

It isn’t until late November that they fall in full.

The wet season’s start, near the end of May, is greeted by the fiery display of flowers on the Royal Poinciana tree.

Streets literally light up in their presence.

But it’s a strange light in that it doesn’t bring warmth, but rather shade … a very deep and luxurious shade, all thanks to its copious canopy of outstretching branches and fern-like leaves.

Raindrops, wind, and a month long aging process eventually drop the flame-like flowers to the ground one by one, or in clusters, often in pavement and inevitably in puddles, where I half expect to hear them sizzle.

I’ve never bothered to take a photo of a flowerless Royal Poinciana tree.

Now of course is my chance … the wet season is over!

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