Corn scale of drought
Salsa bowls have gone dry

Drought is a hard kernel to crack …

And I’m talking literally.

Conceptualizing the various components that contribute to drought season can be difficult to grasp. That’s where the corn bread, corn chowder, a platter of tortilla chips and popcorn come in handy.

That’s where the “corn index” for measuring drought comes in handy. In the summer and fall, think of the swamp as a brimming and overflowing bowl of corn chowder soup. By early winter, the swamp turns into a tray of crunchy marl tortilla chips with water retreating to tiny bowls of salsa in the low spots (i.e. domes and marshes). At some point in the spring, even those salsa bowls get depleted leaving the swamp as dry as popcorn.

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