Cornbread model
And how it helps us describe drought

When people hear “swamp,”

They usually think water (and alligators).

But you can’t talk about the Big Cypress Swamp, or anywhere in south Florida for that matter, without mentioning its winter dry season, and specifically the “spring half” when the water table drops to its annual low. As much as we’ve tried, it’s hard to get the point across. And the thing about drought: It’s just not a single number, or framework for quantifying it. That’s where the diagram above come in handy. It both differentiates among (1) meteorologic, (2) swamp flooding and (3) soil moisture metrics for measuring drought — and also puts them into easy to understand corn chip and cornbread equivalent scales. Currently we are heading toward the deepest part of the spring drought season, but not there yet (see the dotted line).

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