Could rare “double BRM” be in works?

In a nutshell, it’s been rainy.

Last month marked our biggest June rainfall since 2005.

This chart shows the all or nothing
characteristic of south Florida’s dry
and wet season pattern.

Even more proof is its induction into the elite company of being a Big Rain Month (BRM).

As you can see from the chart above, we’ve only had 8 BRMs over the past 10 years.  Most notable above them was June 2005 (the biggest of the bunch) and consecutive occurring BRMs in August and September 2004.

Thus begs the question:

What exactly is a BRM?

Historical calendar of monthly
rainfall in south Florida, 1960 – present

A Big Rain Month is formally defined as any calendar month interval in which an average of 9 inches (or more) of rain falls across all of south Florida.

Caveat: You won’t find that in Webster’s Dictionary (in case you look).

Spectulative: Could July be our first repeat BRM since 2004?

Like June it’s off to a drenching start.

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