Countdown to July 4th

The swamp usually gets a quarter of summer rain by July Fourth.

With 10 days to go this year is running behind (only 8 inches.)

The graph above shows the summer rainfall total for Big Cypress Nat’l Preserve from 1998 to present separated into three periods: the start, the middle and the end.  Usually about a quarter of south Florida’s summer rain falls in the opening 5-6 weeks.  This year’s subtotal is falling short.  That puts more pressure on the tropical season to make up the gap.

Of note: Last year’s tally by July 4th was more than double this year’s (so far) with 17 inches.  That was a lot but not as much as 2005 (when over 20 inches fell by July Fourth.)

The long term average is around 12 inches.

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