Cracks of time

Photo points are not so much hard work, as they require patience.

Whether its tree foliage or water levels, seasonal changes don’t unfold overnight.

Or do they?

Three weeks ago I stopped at a scenic spot on my commute home, and to my shock, saw it riddled with cavernous cracks. (I didn’t dare walk out – on fear of falling into a chasm without rappelling equipment!)

I shook my head in amazement, and also at my luck (accompanied by a sigh of relief):

Days later an early summer deluge pooled water back across the barren flat.

Other times I’m too patient with photo points … or do I mean lazy.

My glances out the window at 50 mph all spring long seemed to confirm the obvious: “it looks just like it did the day before, and the day before that (dry) … so why stop?

I did stop twice: once in mid March and again in mid May. The two months inbetween saw the thin (and still damp) cracks open into dry gorges of discontent.

In the first case, I knew what I had when I snapped the camera, but in the second, it wasn’t upon reviewing the photos – months later – that I saw the difference.

In all cases I was glad I stopped.

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