Culinary clouds quick to leave plate

We are in the midst of swoon in summer rains.

That’s a common phenomena in the weeks following July 4th.

Can you see the swoon in recent rains (dark blue bar)?
It’s actually a trend for the weeks following July 4th.

The reason?

Meteorologist will tell you that its a result of stabilization in Florida’s atmospheric three-layer cake. The early part of the wet season (from mid May to July 4th) is stoked with lingering instability in the upper atmosphere due to the interplay between spring time fronts spawning down from the continent and the peninsulas convectional storms. But by mid July with the Bermuda High moving firmly into place, the three layer cake turns into a homogeneous flan.

Okay, I’ll admit: That isn’t the scientific explanation.

Can you tell I’m hungry for desert?

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