D is on fire weather reporting as I write … he s…

D is on fire weather reporting as I write … he started on Thursday.

Even though we had a big snow pack this year, the earth seemed to soak it straight in with little run off. The lake has barely come up. Unless we get a lot of spring and summer rains, the lake will probably drop to new lows.

Fire weather already? The big problem at this time of year are grass fires. People set them and they get away on them. D forecast too high a winds for burning on the weekend but they did a burn anyway (industry burn) … and it got away on them! Go figure.

They also spend a lot of time setting up the reporting stations at this time, making sure everything is working tickety boo.

Oh, and they do forecasts for spraying for spruce bug etc.

That’s weathr in our neck of the woods.

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