“Dark blue” marks the spot!

Do you see the dark blue over Miami on the map below?

That’s 14 inches of October rain!

Click on “areas” to view basin-by-basin rain charts.
Click on “white dots” to view historical record for each basin.

Miami’s long-term October average is around 5 inches of rain.

That means it got 3 times the normal monthly total.

Compare that to the Kissimmee Basin that got all the press with it’s epic hundred year storm in the early part of October but only tallied 9 for the month.  But as you’ll recall, October had three big rain events, not just one.

The difference is that Miami got all three.

Rain rarely falls evenly south Florida wide.
On average, Miami usually has the rainiest October
of all the other basins.

But that’s splitting hydrologic hairs:

Truth is that the sum of all three events got everyplace pretty wet.

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