Day after Eta

In a swamp where there are too many thing to do …

The imperative is clear the day after a storm

Note: There are 7 pages of photos in total

Get out and photograph as much as you can.

Please enjoy!

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Sandy Dayhoff
Sandy Dayhoff
1 year ago

Thank you Bob,
Enjoyed seeing our old tromping ground!
Fred and Sandy Dayhoff

john kalafarski
john kalafarski
1 year ago

I like your shots of the nice flotsam with the reddish color floating on the water.
What could it be??? I haven’t seen a mass of hydrophobic hymenoptera for a while.
Solinopsis invicta variety: pain in the assus, do be CAREFUL!

James E. Snyder
James E. Snyder
1 year ago

I Thought the pictures of the ant colony floating on the water was interesting. That is the first time I have seen it.

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