Debby goes nowhere fast

Debby’s a hard storm to figure out:

Not only am I unable to pinpoint it’s center
(I’ll just take NOAA’s word) …

The above map shows rain state-wide totals for June 2012 (through 6/25), courtesy of NOAA.  Deep purple and white coded areas indicate monthly rain totals (to date) of over 15 and 20 inches, respectively.  As you can see, the Suwannee River and Southwest Florida Water Management Districts have been the wettest, with south Florida receiving the least.  But even in south Florida, cloud cover has been continuous for over a week straight.  That’s rare in Florida for the summer: usually we have blue skies through the morning.  Humidity has been very high, too. 

Nobody seems quite sure where it will go.

What we know for sure is that it will get there slow.

Until then, we can expect quite a soaker!

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