December wet press

SFWJ’s Wet Press provides links to water news being covered in south Florida’s coastal newspapers — “If its wet off the press, we post.”

Here’s the wrap up for December.

Water supply news was the big water headline for December. Phase 3 water restrictions were enacted across south Florida, dropping watering to once a week, among other measures.

Among the big items making Everglades Restoration news in December was the Park turning 60, Congress passing the 2007 WRDA — expected to funnel millions to south Florida, new price tag shocker with the Everglades Skyway, more discussion over applicability of mining in the EAA, US Army Corps of Engineers initiative to focus on smaller projects that get results, water quality issues still looming over project, and a long-time member of the Everglades Restoration team leaving the project.

Lake Okeechobee news focused on the record drought and its impact on Lake levels and water supplies.

Southwest Florida and Big Cypress news included Lee Counties DR/GR to protect groundwater supplies, addition of a new water control structure in Collier County’s Golden Gate Canal, $1.5 million awarded to Naples for stormwater improvement, contention over off-road vehicle trails in Big Cypress National Preserve, the 5-yr delay in the Southwest Florida restoration study, and updates on the status of the Florida Panther.

Coastal waters news included many articles on the state’s decision to keep manatee protection rules intact, and also included articles on the impact of La Nina, Barnes Sound, and Indian River Lagoon restoration efforts.

Florida-wide water news included identification of 272 impaired water bodies in Florida, the drought in Lake Lanier and its impact on downstream flows in Apalachicola Bay, forecast of the 2008 wildfire season, Florida’s increasing reliance on river flows to feed human water supplies, such as the Peace and the St. Johns.
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