“Deep” swamp

If you want to find the “tallest” cypress, you’ve got to be willing to walk “deep” into the swamp.

By “deep” I don’t necessarily mean “far,”

What I mean is “deep.”

The pools of water surrounding the cypress are not as deep as they are tall,

Although this photo may give that illusion.

You’ll get plenty wet for sure – and may chose to relocate your wallet in your shirt pocket – or just select the more cosmopolitan alternative:

Mosey down a meandering boardwalk instead.

Either way, when you stand beside them, dwarfed by their tall canopy, and look up:

You’ll be transported back into “deep” time.

The old growth cypress that were left standing, (those couple of stands and stranglers that by chance or good will were lucky enough to avoid the axe), date back a couple hundred years.

Now that’s “deep” swamp.

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