Deep water reversal

Water stage is at its highest level in years in WCA1 (Loxahatchee).

That could have something to do with 10 inches of direct rain over the refuge over the past 30 days.

The above hydrograph shows regulatory water stage in WCA1 relative to historical and ecological thresholds.  The dotted white line shows the long-term median level as calculated from 1993 to present.  The elevation of major plant communities is indicated on the left and using horizontal color coding on the chart.

That has WCA1 on the verge of a rare early fall rise into Zone A1, i.e. stage has to rise very high to make into the upper zone this time of year.  Current stage is about a half a foot higher than WCA1’s long-term average for mid October.

Meanwhile, down south WCA3 is about a half foot below its long-term average for mid October.

Usually the deep water issue is down there.

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