Degrees of dry season

Dry seasons are measured by degrees of less rain.

Two years ago the dry season was labeled a record drought. From November through April the swamp recorded under 4 inches of rain. Compare that to last year – a “wet” dry season – during with over 18 inches of rain fell in the swamp during the same six month period.

The long term dry season average is 12 inches.

On the other side of the calendar is the wet season.

It averages 43 inches of rain (over six months from May through October) – recording a 25-year low of 31 inches in 1987 and a 25-year high of 60 inches in 1995.

There’s no hiding from evapotranspiration now!

Or in other words, a wet dry season is still wetter than a dry wet season.

Of course that doesn’t factor in evapotranspiration.

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