Dip in humidity

Naples, Florida

High and low temperatures for past 5 days
and forecast for next 5 in degrees Farenheit

I am normally a Wall Street Journal reader, and in fact that is what I loosely modeled The South Florida Watershed Journal from (can you tell by the similarity in name) …

The big difference, of course, is that my journal focuses on watershed numbers … not economics.
To be sure, there are some similarities: economics is the “dismal science” whereas hydrology is the “wet” science …

But there is a Dismal Swamp in Florida.
Anyhow, as the independent-minded reader that I am, I also find myself periodically picking up the New York Times, and in this Sunday’s edition I noted a very interesting way that they report temperature trends (5 previous days + next 5 forecasted days) for 22 major US cities on their weather page.

Amazingly, 4 of the 22 cities are in Florida: Tampa, Ft Myers, Miami, and Orlando.

While I am happy with the overall number (no other state is better represented), I do have some reservations about the geographic distribution of those selections:

The Times didn’t include any towns within the continental influenced panhandle region where the cold fronts hit first and most frequently.

Yes, I know, The Time’s list of 22 is probably based on population, but still.

Also, and sadly, Naples did not make the list.

The good news is that Naples did make the final cut in The South Florida Watershed Journal.

(See above graph)

Bottom line: no cold fronts expected this week, but there did seem to be a dip in the humidity today, especially this morning. That’s a good sign for things to come.
In the meanwhile, I am going to try to work something out with The Times weather editorial board about adding Naples to the list as the fifth.

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