Does the wet season ever sleep?

The rainiest part of the wet season is over.

So how did south Florida fair?

Last year’s wet season started off slow.
Compare that to 2005 and 2009 that started off fast.

According to the chart above,

Right around average.

The six week period from Memorial Day to July Fourth sets the tone for the wet season. While water levels don’t typically peak until early Fall, usually September, the first few weeks does the heavy lifting of raising waters back the surface after a (depending on the year) deep spring drought. The start of the wet season tends to be the rainiest because the summer pop up showers are enhanced by lingering atmospheric instability in the upper atmosphere from the Continental Spring. Once the Bermuda High moves into place by mid June, south Florida rains drop into a bit of a mid summer lull.

That’s sort of, but not quite, like the wet season sky taking a nap.

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