Double headed summer

When does summer begin in Florida?

If we had to pick a number out of the sky it would be 88º F … or is it 70º F?

For state-wide comparative purposes, Morton D. Winsberg, author of Florida weather (one of my favorite books) defines the beginning of Florida summer as the former – 88º F.

Neither nights nor shade bring relief to the hot grip of summer in Florida.

The rains do bring relief however, at least locally, after they fall … often in deluges.

That brings us to our second number.

The wet season – often used synonymously with the summer in peninsula Florida – is associated with the latter number – the 70º F mark.

The regular routine of convectional and sea breeze fed afternoon showers tend to erupt when night time lows consistently break that magical mark.

If I had to pick a number, I would say both.

Florida’s summer wet season typically runs from late May through early October.

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