Driest spot in swampville

Everglades are still pretty wet …

Sloughs in many areas are still holding water a foot deep.

This chart provides a drought comparison for the Everglades and Big Cypress Swamp.  The red arrow indicates current conditions, the dark gray arrow for a month ago and the light gray arrow for a year ago today. The dotted black line shows the long-term average for each area for mid April.

Compare that to Big Cypress Nat’l Preserve where water in the middle of its cypress domes is a foot below the ground.  What makes The Big Cypress droughtier still is that it’s proportion of low-lying ground (i.e. strands, marshes, domes) are much smaller than the wide expanse of ridge and slough landscape that dominates the glades.

Water levels in the glades are currently normal for this time of year.

Meanwhile the swamp next door is a foot below normal for mid April.

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