Drought at the doorstep

Skies may still be rainy,

But drought is on the way.

KBDI values are poised to rise
as soon as the rain stops

You can see that clearly in the pyrograph above.

It shows the KBDI index — both its current condition (red line) and the 2000-2011 historical statistics — for Collier County.  The dotted white line represents the 11-year median value.  Can you see how, starting in just a week or two, that dotted line is poised to rise at a rather steep incline?  Currently the KBDI value is low, in the 100 range, but by the end of the calendar year, if normal trends persist, it should rise up to (and plateau) in the 400-500 range.

Can you see how last year Collier County’s KBDI remained supressed into November due to a steady onslaught of October rains?

Hint: Look along the horizontal axis at October 2011.

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