Drought epicenter?

How is The Big Cypress unique from the Everglades?

Add to the list it is more susceptible to drought.

The diagram above provides a comparison of drought levels for Big Cypress National Preserve and the Everglades.  The red arrow indicates the current condition for each area, the dark gray arrow for a month ago and the light gray arrow for a year ago today.  The black dotted line shows the long-term average level (based on data since 1993).  Notice for The Big Cypress that water levels were close to 3 feet higher than their current condition.  That was because last May was very rainy compared to only 2 inches of rain so far this May.

While the Everglades to the east is still holding surface water in its expansive sloughs, the water table in The Big Cypress is almost two feet below its less abundant low lying cypress domes and sloughs.  That means that pretty much the entire swamp is dry.

Chance of rain is 40 percent every day this week.

Soaking in season appears to be under way.

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