Drought season begins
Pond apple roots go dry

Other regions use indicator rocks

For determining drought.

In the swamp, pond apple roots are our indicator and calendar milestone that drought season has officially begun. Why the pond apple roots? Pond apple forests are located in the center of cypress domes and strands where the water is deepest and stays the longest. When they go dry, that means the entire swamp is dry. Not that their isn’t moisture in the peat: their is thanks the upward wicking of the spongy peat. And alligator holes are still holding water. But even that moisture will start to dissipate as the water table drops through April and May.

The new question is how low the water table will drop and for how long; and to what degree rains in April and early May may help bridge the gap until the summer rainy season starts later in May and early June. As usual, it’s a wait and see.

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