Dry (and damp) season?

Summer’s over, so nobody’s complaining …
But it’s been a solid month now since we’ve gotten a good cold front:

They keep stalling “up peninsula” near Orlando.

That’s great if you’re in Disney World but a bummer for anyone south of Okeechobee hankering for a stout north wind. The temperature chart shown above is a bit deceiving. It gives the illusion that summers in Florida are short in comparison to winter – they’re not – plus it highlights the fact that temperatures never (ever) rise above the 100 degree mark.

Of course, “it’s not the heat, it’s the humidity” in Florida, but that’s a saying that usually applies to summer. Our winters are supposed to be milder and drier in comparison.

Dry season can be damp

Except when those fronts stall …

That’s when it turns “mild and damp” with a good dose of morning fog.

At least it’s not summer!

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