Duplicitous nature of 70° F

Can a temperature be used to indicate both hot and cold?

In south Florida, 70° F does exactly that.

Seventy degrees has a double
meaning in south Florida

In the winter it’s the metric by which we measure winter.

Florida doesn’t have a winter season, per se, but rather days of winters which, at least this year, we could count with both hands. Only 8 daytime highs in Naples Florida didn’t manage to make it over 70° F.

Compare that to summer when we use the same 70° F to also measure warm.

In this case it’s flipped: it isn’t daytime highs, but rather nighttime lows measure the mark. It’s the rise of nighttime temperatures consistently above the 70° F mark that ushers in the hot, humid, and rainy season in south Florida.

If only we had just 8 days of those, too!

(The number is closer to a hundred and fifty … sigh.)

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