Dwarf-disoriented “giants”

There’s something funny about a dwarf cypress forest,

Especially in winter when their branches are bare.

When you walk among them – with giant-style strides – it’s hard to come to grips with the fact they are just as old as the “tall cypress”– even older – only they are bonsaied.

Like a rocky alpine outcrop where a twig precariously takes root, a meager layer of marl on the surface and shallow presence of lime rock below slow motions their growth into tiny miniatures.

The oldest ones you can tell – not by their height – but by the stoutness and gnarly nature of their trunks.

Nearby in cypress domes are “giants” that grow free and tall on a thick peat mat of knee-deep water – where among other creatures – the alligators roam.

But my advice is to watch where you’re going in the dwarf cypress forest instead:

The dwarfs are small yes – which lowers one’s guard – but also at eye level.

That makes them as “hard” to see through as they are “easy” to go too far (… without looking back) ,

Before you know it you’re disorientated.

Compare that to the cathedral-ceilinged cypress domes of light, shade, and water.

You won’t get lost there …

(But you will want to keep an eye out for alligators.)

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