Early wet season?

Summer hasn’t even started and its already hot,

But at least it’s not humid … yet.

Big cloud yes, wet season cloud no:
Looking east from Ochopee

And don’t be fooled:

The cloud above, photographed today in Ochopee, has nothing to do with the wet season.

The “high heat” but it “not being humid” are a result of a high pressure system parked out into the Atlantic pumping in winds from the east which, when it collides sea breeze being drawn in from the west coast pops up cumulonimubus style in the form of a few spot showers. By “spot” a mean a good couple miles wide, and in this case, probably drifting west (depending on what wind direction wins out.)

Among other things the unusually warm weather warmed up some clouds and puffed up some mid afternoon clouds to bring us some spot rains. On a larger scale, water temperatures in the north Atlantic and Gulf of Mexico are a contributing factor to hurricane season intensity.

Daily temperature chart for Naples, Florida
April’s been warm compared to the historical record!

But that’s looking ahead.

First the wet season has to start, estimated 3-5 weeks away.

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