Ecology of water
Nature and water go hand in hand

How many cups of water should you drink per day?

Answer: You should drink to your thirst.

Water drives the pattern of trees in the swamp

Nature is the same way. It needs water in all its forms, and cannot live healthily without it. Look no further than a potted plant as proof. As homeowners, we are stewards to keeping those plants alive, and thriving. Failure to water them causes them to shrivel up and die.

Now think about nature on a grander scale. It’s dependence on the water cycle and water availability in all its forms is profound. How many times after a heavy summer deluge have you heard the frogs chirp. Or watched a deer take sip of water at the edge of nearby lake.

Water also helps the base of the swamp’s food web called periphyton to form

Water and nature go hand in hand. Being in tune with one means being in tune with the other. To be a hydrologist you have to also be a bit of a botanist, a geologist, an ecologist, a meteorologist, a climatologist, a wildlife biologist, a chemist … and the list goes on.

Water is inherently multidisciplinary. It helps us understand natural connections, great and small.


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