Eerie Silence
In the Bunker with Buck Buckner

When does a peaceful quiet …

Turn into an eerie silence?

Buck’s radio show is peppered with campfire breaks

With Halloween so close, it may be the perfect time to find out. A silence can be quite peaceful, but it can also be eerie, too. But how do you distinguish between the two? Fortunately, AM radio host Buck Buckner is on hand to tackle the question as only Buck can.

More about In The Bunker. Basically, Buck is an expert on many (many) topics, that’s why he has a radio show. What makes Buck’s show particularly unique is that he broadcasts from a remote bunker hidden deep in the woods (rumored but never confirmed to be somewhere in Campfire Park). Buck’s biggest pet peeve is the “fringe middle” and their unnerving silence. So who not more perfect to address this topic. His passions include searching for Bigfoot and hosting an occasional guest.

About Campfire Breaks: Campfire Breaks are like commercial breaks, but instead of selling an idea they touch on a campfire-inspired idea.

So without further ado, kick back and enjoy Buck’s radio show.

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