El Niño has spoken

Here’s another view of how wet it is in The Big Cypress.

As predicted, El Niño stoked rains have pushed the water up.

his hydrograph shows a comparison of this water year (i.e. starting in June) to other years of note.  The maximum, median and minimum (as calculated from 1993 to 2014) are also show.
Can you see how this year’s hydrograph “jumped tracks?”

I‘m happy to report that not only are the domes and strands still flooded,

But the marl prairies — even up into the hydric pines — are, too.

For much of the summer it was tracking on the low end of the historical spectrum (i.e. in fact we set a new record low for July and August) but now the hydrograph has touched up to the same level as December 1995 which, as you will recall (and can see below) was a very wet year.

See the charts below for a deeper historical look.

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