Eleven days

What uses more water –

Stemming the tide or fighting the freeze?

In terms of time, both are the same – eleven days.

A second 11-day release of water from Lake Okeechobee into the Caloosahatchee (at 650 cubic feet per second) is underway. The purpose is to bring salinity in the upper estuary back to 10 parts per thousand.

Earlier this month farmers up around Tampa spent 11 straight nights spraying “down” their plants with water pumped up from the Upper Floridian Aquifer in hopes of keeping the temperatures around them “up.”

In total they pumped up close to a billion gallons per day.

As to which is more?

The 11-day release from the lake adds up to almost 6 Empire State Building sized glasses of water, or if you’re a baseball fan, the area of fair play in Fenway Park topped to the Green Monster 189 times.

The farmers only pumped 41451 Fenways in comparison.

As to which water body had more to spare?

Score this one another for Florida’s biggest lake (over its biggest aquifer) …

Eleven days of releases from Okeechobee dropped the lake less than a single inch compared to a 60 foot drop in the Upper Floridan eleven days into the freeze.

The official tally of sinkholes is now up to 85.

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