End of summer?

The end of summer is near!

Or rather, is the end of summer near?

The late arrival of Labor Day this year begs the question.

Will that affect the weather?

Probably not. But I assure you it will affect the wardrobes you see on the street.

I remember living up north when the fine denizens of the New England land mass perfectly timed their transition into autumn attire by the arrival of the holiday weekend.

It had less to do with a fine sense of fall fashion than a utilitarian practicality of keeping warm – temperatures quite literally drop off the side of the summer table through the month of September.

That happened last year in Boston:

Daytimes highs fell from a T-shirt worthy 80 degree heat into the cool crispness of the high 50s by month’s end.

Compare that to Florida.

Labor Day comes and goes without much change in the weather:

It’s a waiting game until October.

In Tallahassee (the closest you can get to the continent and still say you’re in Florida), October 2008 started with daytime highs in the mid 80s and ended in the mid 60s.

How about south Florida?

The tell tale sign that fall has arrived in Naples is the late October descent of night time lows below the 60º F degree line.

When that happens, I go out into the night air, relieved that summer is over, and breathe in deep.

And usually in “shorts and T-shirt” I might add …

That’s about the extent of fall fashion in south Florida.

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