Eternal umbrella season

Am I the type of hydrologist that loans you an umbrella during the dry season, only to take it away when the summer rains start back up?

No – I wouldn’t give you an umbrella to begin with.

That’s your responsibility.

What I can do is give you the rain numbers!

But sadly, I can only give you those numbers after the drops have fallen.

That doesn’t do you much good in the wee hours of each morning when you are trying to figure out what to wear, or whether it will rain.

(In Belgium, there is a famous saying that the hardest decision that anyone makes each morning is what to wear … as the weather is often in flux.)

In Florida we sort of have the opposite sentiment –why not just wear shorts all year long?

But back to the umbrella:

My suggestion is to have one with your at all times.

That way, you have one in case it rains… and also in case it doesn’t.

That’s when it becomes a parasol.

Click HERE to view rainfall charts for south Florida.

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