Ever growing list

I always knew that Florida had a long list of springs,

What I didn’t realize is that they are both “cold” and “warm.”

During the summer they are cold – Florida’s original and all-natural air conditioning (see article) – but come winter time, the Fahrenheit-scale inversion reverses:

Magically they turn “warm” … or so it seems.

The trick is that their liquid source – ground water – stays the same temperature all year round.

For what Florida lacks in mountains, it makes up for in springs – over 700 at last count – and here’s the kicker:

The most 1st magnitude springs of any other state.

What does it take to be a 1st magnitude spring?

To make that list the spring has to up well 100 cubic feet of water per second. That’s enough water to fill up 98 Olympic size swimming pools per day, or in “Fenway Park” units (if you fill the area of fair play up the top of the Green Monster), around 2.5 per day.

The highest flowing spring is Spring Creek. It fills up 53 Fenways (or alternatively 1,962 Olympic swimming pools) per day.

Even the 3rd order springs are impressive:

To make that list they need to output 1 cubic foot per second … or in 42.5 gallon water barrel units, around 450 per minute.

That’s a lot of water day after day after day … cool in the summer, warm in the winter.

Did I mention they flow at pretty much the same rate for most of the year too?

Add “steady” to the list.

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