Everglades bests St. Johns

Water, like politics, can be quite polarizing.

That’s the bad news.

The good news is that this journal is aligned with no political party (I’m a water centrist):

It strives to find “common water” where it exists, and tell its story in a format that is open to all, fun and enlightening.

Even better, you now have a vote!

Keep in mind it’s an unofficial ballot.

A similar poll on a different day would probably generate another outcome (sort of sounds like politics), not to mention I may have missed Florida’s most iconic water feature of all – it’s springs.

As a group or individually, they could have made a strong showing.

I was honestly surprised to see Everglades best both the rich history of St. Johns and the song and physiographic sweep of the Suwannee,

But then again – this is a biased poll:

Most votes came from south Florida.

In any event,
it’s good to see the Everglades
have its day in the sun.

Actually, make that lots of days in the sun ahead:

It’s the dry season!

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