Everglades “lamp posts” of light

When is too much not enough?

Hydrologic data collection in the Everglades comes to mind.

S10s flow historyS11s flow historyS12s flow historyBig Cypress Nat'l Preserve flow historyS65E flow historyS80 flow historyS77 flow historyS79 flow historyWCA1 water depth historyWCA2 water depth historyWCA3 water depth historyBig Cypress Nat'l Preserve water depth historyShark River Slough water depth historyLake stage history

Part of the problem is that the Everglades are so big.

That means for every lamp post of light that we have data for there are “city block after city block” of pure darkness that we grope through with lanterns as best we can.

The great thing about hydrology is that its measurable, with a long historical record. You can click on the map above to view historical water depths and flows in various parts of the Everglades. The hydrograph below shows a summary for the past couple years.

As for the biological aspects and other subtleties of the landscape, they are harder to explain.

Nothing against those dark city corners, but because the lamp posts are where the light is, that’s usually where I look.

Still, that’s a lot of lamp post light to look under!

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